Monday, 22 September 2014

how to make your own tale

For this one it helps if you are at the beach 
with some sunshine and a whole lot of sand.
Any other time 
you can just start where you are with what you have. 
We are all creative. We all have a story.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

not all bears are big

 fragile for illustration friday

My daughter just finished a project on bears so I've been seeing a lot of them this week. (Did you know that polar bears fur is hollow, it traps air inside and makes the bear buoyant in water. ha ;). 

But it was when a friend told me I had an owl as a 'spirit animal' and I started thinking of other kinds. I thought, if you had a bear would you always have to be larger than life and strong? . . . Then I thought of the little guys that live in the wild place over the hill from me. When I first saw them, the three of them were rumbling around together and then one raced up the tree. Like the thinnest young tree and it just bent, right over. Mum was watching from the pond though and when it looked like breaking she leaned on out of the water and looked, hard. Instantly, baby came clumsily down. So I'm thinking 'no' and 'yes' both. 

ps. I made an owl too. . .

what kind of animal have you got walking with you?

Tuesday, 1 July 2014



After a random meeting last year these guys and I got to talking 
and they had a story . . .
We made it together. "Pocketmoney" 
Limited Editions - coming soon!!
Excited :)

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

the mask - illustration friday

She pulled out her favourite, the best for a party. It went with her shoes and the bag and the do. The others had theirs and the conversation turned. She slid sideways with her glass to refill. Down the hall, the door was ajar it beckoned her in. Respite from the chatter and clatter and din. In the darkness she felt, around her feet were strewn all manor of things. Hm, no one was watching, she tried one on. . .

what would you secretly like to try on?

Saturday, 14 June 2014

identity crisis?

Who am I now and what do I like, what do I want, what do I do?? These are the kind of questions that come up a lot when you move to another country, lose a job, get to another age or your kids do and you wonder what's next. Sure nothing stays the same. But all those questions had me spiralling around in a bit of a whirlpool, till this week. I went to the Kunsthaus Zurich.

I got an invite to see Cindy Sherman (and write about it) and there were wigs! Sherman’s famous for taking the ultimate selfies. But they are none of them her and yet all of them are. There's aging doyennes, clowns, murder victims, fifties movie stars and old master's oil paintings. Critics call social commentary, gender roles and confrontation, but she calls everything – ‘untitled’. Make up your own stories. I was fascinated and went looking for the ‘real’ her (on youtube). And yes she loves to dress up and to shock but what caught me was her telling the story of the photo album she made as a child with every picture of her circled and arrowed ‘this is me’. 

I haven’t got any of my old photo albums with me here, they’re all in a box, in a shed, in the country, in Australia, but I remember them. Ok, we’ve all got (well us old enough to) those mad hair eighties ones and I’ve got plenty bleached hair surfie ones, I didn’t quite catch the dark arty ones but there’s the flat hat graduating ones, not to mention the best dress for the party ones and the sunburned knee skinned kid ones. We evolve.

Back through those earlier years almost all our parties were ‘fancy dress’ (read ‘costume’) and you got to turn up as all kinds of characters. It was fun to try out someone wildly opposite to your regular self and it was always fascinating to see the alter egos emerge. There were dangers though, like the time I went with a friend as Neil andVivian and she had to shout the whole time and I got so low I had to leave and come back as someone else ;)

At the exhibition there was a photo booth and all the wigs and gigs to play. Suddenly everything was fun again and it didn’t matter what you chose, cause you could do it all differently the next time.  

Jung says we are full of archetypal selves. Hiro says we are a world within ourselves and we all add up to whole. Years ago I did Julia Cameron’s fun game of searching out our secret selves in A Vein of Gold. I loved finding my red lipped vespa vamp who likes a bit of polka dot. Today pulling out my new white Dr Martin boots (ok shoes) is bringing back home to an old bold stomping in the world girl.

It's time to play, to wear what feels like fun, or, what ever I want to feel.

These guys are doing it too - I'm joining in =  #thewearyourjoyproject  
Pull out your true colours – the many of them - who've you got in your closet? 
Tell me! Let's play . . .

Big love


Thursday, 17 April 2014

gratitude and flying to Prague

"Do you want the fish or chicken?"
You know I love that they want to feed me.
But I don't always love what they want to
So I'll just take the love.

thank you

Thursday, 13 March 2014

being bold

I want to live in a world where we grow 
the courage + joy
to love + live
all our messy and marvelous selves.

For me right now being bold is letting words fall out in clumsy rhyme 
drawing out the stories that pop in my mind and 
colouring them with feelings that might smear or shine . . .

What's being bold for you?

I am emBOLDed when I
dare to be
all of me.

When I know
it's not about being perfect
it's about having a go.

When I allow
all of my feelings to be my guide
and I listen.

When I acknowledge
where I'm at
and appreciate the fact.

When I am grateful
or find a way to be
no matter what.

When I don't call myself
wrong or right
just now and next.

When I choose
and know I can
in every moment.

and when I am willing
to become the new
even when I've never
met it.

When I find a smile
even when it takes
a while
and when I remember
I am so much more
than you
or even I
can see.

Be bold